April 04, 2020

We don’t celebrate dads enough

We don’t celebrate fathers enough, and that is strange, but what is even baffling is how every year, we have a discuss targeted at celebrating fathers even less. You can’t help but wonder how things got to this point. There is only one day a year put aside to honour fathers, and even on that day, we talk about replacing fathers rather than celebrate them. This is sad, and the truth is that fathers play a significant role in the home and we need to celebrate them more.

Many fathers, when asked, talk about how they have gotten used to being unsung heroes. So much so that they don’t even notice being under-appreciated. We ought to change that, and we need to make them feel seen, feel appreciated for their input in the family structure. A contribution that is more than just financial.

Fathers are a backbone of moral support for both the mother and kids. Security, discipline, stability are just a few of the roles fathers play in the home, and that is without mentioning the psychological impact of their presence. Perhaps if we celebrated fathers more, we could start to cure the plague of generalization that has labelled fathers as an insignificant part of families. Maybe we can use care to fix our society.

If you are interested in celebrating your father on father’s day and beyond, you probably don’t even know what to do. Mostly because fathers have resigned to being a rather silent part of the home. Not to worry, we got you covered with lots of items and where to get them.

How we can celebrate dads

  1. A cool tee:The age-long way of celebrating fathers with a cool t-shirt can never go out of fashion. And to show just how special he is to you, you need to make sure that the t-shirt is high quality and one with enough swag that he would want to wear it to watch the games next weekend. First pay attention to the colour by going for neutral colours because your dad is going to wear that t-shirt as often as he can, so go with something that easily fits. Next is to have some sweet message on it. Are you wondering where to get a t-shirt that ticks all of these, check out DaddySwagNYC.
  2. A hoodie or a sweatshirt: Maybe your dad is more of a hoodie guy than a t-shirt guy. Or maybe he is both. Put a smile on his face by getting him a priceless hoodie that tells him just how awesome he is. I would totally wear a cool dad hoodie from this store.
  3. A hat: Those with dads in the corporate business recognize how rarely they get to see him rock a t-shirt or sweatshirt even when he wants to. Save your dad the geekiness of wearing his cool dad t-shirt under his button-up shirt by getting him a hat that he can wear on anything.  

Now you don’t need to wait until father’s day to celebrate your dad. With just one click away, you can get him cool gifts that he will love to wear every other day. And you can get these things from a brand that cares – DaddySwagNYC